Sunday, July 31, 2016 Returns

Twenty years.  Has it really been that long since I watched Road to Avonlea's final episode on the Disney Channel back in 1996?  When I designed my first Avonlea fan site a year later, I never realized how much the show would become a part of my life for the next few years.  As I began to connect with other fans, the digital world exploded, and my website became a place where I could express my creativity. 

So where have I been since my last update in 2004? It's no surprise that my last update corresponds with my first year of teaching.  As I devoted most of my creative energy into my classroom, my Avonlea projects were moved to the back burner, still simmering, but never finalized or shared.  In the summer weeks, I always returned to them, but inevitably, I was never able to finish before fall.  Then came marriage, a daughter, and two master degrees. 

Rather than maintain a large website that is outdated between updates, I decided to move to a blog format.  It's easier to maintain, and I can spend more time on creativity rather than coding.  With this new site design, some of my old, irrelevant content will be moved into the museum (for laughs), and while I can't promise frequent updates, the heart of my website will remain the same, as a personal creative outlet to share with other fans.  Road to Avonlea will always be a part of my life, and as my daughter grows up, I hope it will become part of hers, too.  

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  1. wow, i am so glad to see you have the old site still going. on a whim, i typed in because i remember when Disney finished wife and i got a computer and i was searching for anything Avonlea related. way back then, i downloaded all your audio files.

    it is so funny to remember that. i used to deliver pizza and i had all the music you downloaded on a cassette and i would deliver pizza to Avonlea songs.

    now we have the "remastered widescreen" versions of the show and just last winter my wife and i took a month to have an Avonlea remembering binge and watched all 7 series in one month. Avonlea was such a HUGE part of my life in the 90's. it actually was one of the things that was involved in my falling in love with my future bride.

    thanks so much for putting up all that stuff so many years ago. those files were being blared loudly in Kansas City, Missouri by a Avonlea pizza driver. God bless!